The Inner Life

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“Man’s very ability to relate meaningfully to others depends first of all on his own sensitivity.”J. Donald Walters, Education for Life: Preparing Children to Meet the Challenges

Traditionally, qualities like cooperation, respect, honesty, and Child meditation Inner lifekindness are emphasized in schools. Yet, a well-rounded, joyful child exhibits not just these qualities, but other qualities such as courage, concentration, peacefulness, generosity, will-power, and service (to name a few).

It is the exceptional child who embodies such a blend of qualities; yet, because these qualities come from within, they can be nurtured, cultivated, and supported.

The principles and practices of the Education for Life system encourage the child to develop their inner sense of self and to appreciate their connectedness with a greater reality than themselves.

singing bowls, meditation, inner lifeAt Living Wisdom SchoolTM Seattle, we nurture a child’s inner life through the practice of meditation, yoga, chanting, and prayer.

In moving naturally between the inner world and the outer world, the child does indeed develop a sensitivity to themselves and to others that empowers them to lead fulfilling lives with great confidence, self-awareness, freedom, and joy.