Listen to one of our parents talk about her experiences transitioning from home school to LWS!

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“Since Switching to Living Wisdom he is notably more centered, peaceful, and empathetic with others. He is also excited about learning traditional subjects such as reading, writing, mathematics.” – L.G.

Children in nature“I found the Living Wisdom Preschool program after searching for an alternative to my son’s first experience in a co-op preschool. I had always viewed my son as a very social, active person. However, I found him withdrawing when in an over-stimulating, chaotic setting. The calm, nurturing environment we found at Living Wisdom School was exactly what he needed. He is able to let his friendly, interested side shine. He loves his teacher, friends, learning and the whole “going to school” experience. Now my younger daughter also attends Living Wisdom School. Although they have very different personalities, their experience at Living Wisdom School is helping them both develop into well-rounded, wonderful human beings. They are learning true compassion for others, as well as feeling happy about just being themselves.” – R. K.

“One of the things that I like most about the Living Wisdom Program is the variety of activities that my daughter is exposed to. Of course, there is arts and crafts and storytelling. In addition, there is exploration of nature and children’s yoga and music (singing and perhaps marching and dance). Perhaps more importantly, is the ‘character building’ instruction; like learning how to be happy always, what sharing is all about, and the basics of concentration to name just a few.  When we first started taking our daughter to the school, she would cry when we tried to take her home at the end of class. She doesn’t cry anymore, but if she’s away for the school for any length of time, she’s always asking when she can return.” – J.M.

” Each child is encouraged and inspired to reach towards their potential on all levels: body, mind, and spirit.” – P.D.

yoga meditation child“Living Wisdom was exactly what our son Pranav needed. The school surroundings are peaceful and harmonious and have a very calming effect on the little ones. We appreciate the focus not only on developing a health body and mind, but also on bringing out the inherent spiritual nature in every child. Closeness to Nature, fun filled learning activities and harmonious music all contribute to our child’s healthy growth. He loves talking about his school. Most of all, though, he adores his school teacher, whose company he eagerly looks forward to each week. Thank you, Living Wisdom, for this wonderful gift.” –  P.S.

“As a parent of recent graduate (pre school-8th) from Living Wisdom, we highly recommend it. We found it to be reasonably priced and they offer a kind & caring environment with plenty of learning opportunities including a French teacher, music teacher, art teacher, yoga teacher and more. The teachers are very caring with all the children…..and no I don’t work there.” – S. B.