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Junior high school students on a Nature Awareness field trip!

Our mission statement:

Guiding the development and education of each child in body, mind, heart, and spirit according to his or her unique character.

We emphasize experiential, joyful learning, the imparting of life skills, and cultivating our children’s bright potential. This is achieved through:

Manageable class sizes

Smaller classes improve teacher-student communication making lessons more comprehensible. As a result of this individualized attention, our children approach lessons confidently and joyfully and create strong bonds with their teacher and peers. Everyone knows everyone at the Living Wisdom School!  

Thematic, integrated, experiential learning

Whether we are practicing yoga and meditation, acting during one of our biannual plays, or learning more about our physical world in our off-campus “Nature Awareness” class, we endeavor to make learning a real, tangible experience. Children learn best when they themselves are the doers; their participation in and retention of lessons increases substantially.

Tools of Maturity

We recognize that humans have four “tools”: the body, feelings, will power, and intellect and that in order for us to grow and mature effectively, we must balance these four tools. Our school offers methods to attaining that equilibrium: good diet, exercise, and yoga leads to a healthy and active body; a calm understanding of one’s emotions results in clarity and a pure sense of expansive feeling; the use of affirmations and goal-setting sparks a child’s will to do great things; a practical mind ground in reality, not theory alone, provides an intellect capable of solving problems. Through encouraging the positive development and use of these tools to maturity, we prepare children to confidently meet life’s challenges.

Imparting universal values

All humans strive for harmony and peace and want to be treated with kindness and respect by others. Our classroom size allows us the opportunity to teach interpersonal skills like communication, collaboration, and compassion to make these values a reality. Additionally, every Friday the school gathers together for “Gratitude Circle”, where we each share something we are thankful for and then listen to others share their blessings. Once a month All-School Circle occurs: children from each class share a poem, song, dance, or presentation about a quality or value they are studying. The result is a school of compassionate, even-minded, and uplifted children.

Practical spirituality, emphasizing inner peace and compassionate action

We are not a religious school nor are we affiliated with a particular religion, but we do not shy away from exploring world religions or spirituality. We simply acknowledge that we are members of something greater than our individual selves. Thus we celebrated Diwali, the Indian “Festival of Light” in the fall, and put on a “Las Posadas” play, the traditional Mexican story of the Christian nativity, last winter. On a more regular basis, yoga and meditation are practiced to encourage calmness, peace of body and mind, and kindness to others. 

Diwali celebration featuring sand mandala!

The value of this holistic approach is reflected by the profound depth of how our students learn to live wisely, happily, and successfully, according to their own deep inner needs.  

Each of my friends from Living Wisdom School shares two major things in common: a strong sense of self and an interest in giving back to the world.” Gita McGilloway, Assoc. Director of Development, CARE International, Living Wisdom School alumnus


happy child with teacher