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The goal of a Living Wisdom SchoolTM is to impart not only the knowledge provided by a “traditional” curriculum, but to teach children the art of living as well.

happy child with teacherRecognizing that good grades, a good job, lots of money, and a nice home don’t necessarily lead to a fulfilling life, we strive to support the growing child to learn how to live harmoniously in this increasingly challenging world.

Ultimately, we are dedicated to helping children realize their potential as human beings and enjoy the journey along the way.

This is achieved through:

  • Small classes (5 – 12 children) in a safe, nurturing environment
  • Thematic, integrated, experiential learning
  • An individualized approach for each child
  • Emphasizing joy in learning
  • Creative expression in the arts
  • Academic excellence without stress- kids learn when they are motivated and ready!
  • Universal values such as harmony, kindness, compassion, respect
  • Practical spirituality, emphasizing inner peace and compassionate actionspiritual child development
  • Balanced growth in body, feeling, mind, will and spirit

The value of this approach is reflected by the profound depth of how Living Wisdom SchoolTM students learn to live wisely, happily, and successfully, according to their own deep inner needs — rather than being conditioned to live up to our own expectations as parents and educators or “social” norms.

Each of my friends from Living Wisdom School shares two major things in common: a strong sense of self and an interest in giving back to the world.” Gita McGilloway, Assoc. Director of Development, CARE International