Middle School Supply List

Grade 6-8 Ms. Madchen
1” 3-Ring Binder with dividers
2 Folders w/ inside pockets-Peechee style
3 Spiral notebooks-college ruled
Package of lined 3-hole punched paper- college ruled
Glue Sticks
Pencil Box
Water Bottle
3×5 index cards
Set of Dry Erase pens
Box of Tissue
Box of Wet Wipes
Living Wisdom T-shirt and/or sweatshirt Order from school – 425-772-9862
Optional: box of crayons, colored pencils, or markers (we have some to share in the
classroom but many children prefer to have their own); box of herbal tea (no caffeine
please) to share and a personal mug to keep in the classroom.
Lunchbox that includes a healthy snack/lunch
Appropriate clothing for the changing weather/classes:
Rain boots/coat, hat, gloves, PE shoes (can be left at school)
*Please label all items with the student’s name

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