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“Maturity is the ability to relate appropriately to the realities other than one’s own.” – J. Donald Walters, Education for Life: Preparing Children to Meet the Challenges

Children playing in class

In contrast to the child (or adult) who throws a temper-tantrum when she doesn’t get what she wants, the mature individual is capable of experiencing happiness and fulfillment regardless of their current situation and circumstances. And isn’t that quite a challenge for most of us?

At Living Wisdom SchoolTM Seattle, we prepare children to meet life’s challenges by developing tools of maturity:

  1. Awareness of the physical body.
  2. Emotional centeredness.
  3. Will power.
  4. The Intellect.

According to the “Education for Life” philosophy, these tools are best developed in sequence: bodily awareness first, then sensitivity of feeling, then willpower, and last of all, the intellect. These tools of Children in naturematurity are dependent on each other. Too much emphasis on one, not enough on another, creates an imbalance, which ultimately leads to frustration and dissatisfaction.

What truly distinguishes Living Wisdom School Seattle from other schools is our emphasis on developing proper application of Willpower, fostering Emotional centeredness, and encouraging Physical awareness, in conjunction with traditional academic subjects.

In nurturing these tools, we support our children to develop what they need to be successful throughout their lives and to become bearers of unfolding possibilities.