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“The first six years of a child’s life are the most important for establishing a direction that will last a lifetime….During the first six years, as we have seen, a child can learn best through the medium of his body, and by developing his awareness Kindergarten kidsthrough the five senses.”-J. Donald Walters, founder of Education for Life

The foundation years from 0 – 6 years old are a critical period in the development of a child’s life. During this time, a child’s attitude about the world takes root.

Our job is to carefully nurture qualities of curiosity, sensory awareness, concentration, and compassion so that the children may feel a deep sense of acceptance towards themselves.

By focusing on mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of development, we foster the child’s cognitive and physical growth while strengthening the inner qualities of love, kindness and joy. In this way, the children naturally develop a sense of inner happiness and success.

Prekindergarten /Kindergarten Classroom

The small classroom environment encourages a sense of wonder, gratitude and reverence for all life.  An atmosphere of harmony and joy is brought to the classroom through daily rhythms, celebrations, and yearly events. Each child is encouraged to develop a balanced kindergarten, story, big chairand healthy imagination. Through the practice of concentration, visualization, cheerfulness, and a serviceful attitude, the children expand their sympathies beyond their little selves and learn to recognize the highest qualities in themselves and one another

The rhythmical structure of our classroom day provides a solid holistic framework for our classroom students.

  • Awaken Enthusiasm – We welcome the arrival of our children with songs and blessings to greet each day. In our morning routine the children participate in circle games, French greetings, stories, puppetry, dance, movement and our morning responsibilities.
  • Focused Attention – Our open activity time can include: daily station projects, playdough, dramatizations, writing, drawing, letter stories, games, science, art, painting and cooking.
  • Arts & Specialty Classes Drama, French, Yoga & Music classes are taught by talented, enthusiastic and experienced teachers and Kindergarten boy smilesprofessionals in the field of study.
  • Outside Recess  Play, move and develop social skills.
  • Centering Circle Time Singing, Focus on Breath, Review & Reflection, Clean-up Song, Transitioning for other activities.
  • Story Time During the last ten minutes of lunch, children finish their lunch quietly while astory is read by one of the teachers, helping to transition back into classroom time.
  • Transitional Time – afternoon daily responsibilities, washing dishes, watering plants, sweeping, taking out our compost to the compost bin and putting away lunches. Tie shoes; get on coats, and preparing to explore the world in nature.
  • Direct Experience  Outdoor play, Science and Sharing Nature with ChildrenTM activities.
  • Shared Inspiration  At the end of each day and farewell “Go with Love” song.
  • Next Steps  Each child is guided individually to grow and develop into academic areas including: reading, math, concentration, socialization, self-control, empathy, physical skills and more.