Upper Elementary

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Our goal is to give the students the academic foundation they will need to be successful, while also helping them to develop the qualities of will power, compassion, and respect for others that will lead to happy and victorious lives.

children working at deskAlong with language arts, mathematics and social sciences, the students explore the arts, yoga, physical education and French.  We make sure the kids get lots of outdoor time, and we often begin our day with a circle time that includes various activities to uplift and expand the heart.

At Living Wisdom School Seattle, we work with a flexible curriculum that allows us to adjust to the needs and interests of the students. Children learn the most when their curiosity and enthusiasm are awakened.

In the 3rd-5th grade classroom we begin our day with a morning circle which can include yoga, nature walks, inspiring stories, healing prayers, energy work, and visualizations.  Our core curriculum areas are based on the Washington state standards as well as the Education for Life philosophy. In math we are using the HSP math curriculum as well as other supplemental materials to enhance each child’s learning.  In science this year we are studying weather, balance and motion, and garden.  Our Language Arts curriculum is based on the Daily 5 model where students rotate among stations for writing, word work, reading to themselves, reading to others, and listening to reading. One of the wonderful aspects to having such a small class size is that we are really able to individualize each student’s learning.  We also have flexibility in the curriculum to meet the interests and needs of each student.

Along with the core curriculum areas we are also learning French, drama, and music. We have physical education twice a week where we learn team building and cooperation as well as sports like volleyball, soccer, basketball, dance, and table tennis just to name afew.  As a class we also participate in an extra-curricular activity called Destination Imagination.  DI is a worldwide program that teaches students creative problem solving skills.

We also practice Conscious Discipline (from the book by Becky Bailey) in the 3rd-5th grade classroom, where students are given the words to solve their own problems.

Holistic child developmentMy main goal in this classroom is to give the students the tools they need to not only grow academically but also emotionally!

As stated by J. Donald Walters, founder of the “Education for Life” system, “the goal of education is to lead a child to maturity, which is defined as the ability to relate appropriately to realities other than one’s own.”  This is my aim as an educator in the Living Wisdom School. Thus, the child is given the skills needed to reach his/her highest potential as a happy, whole and well-adjusted human being.