Understanding Education for Life

Sean McCormick

The following posts are synopses of chapters from J. Donald Walter’s (Swami Kriyananada) Education for Life, which is the philosophical foundation of our teaching methods and curriculum here in Lynnwood in addition to other Living Wisdom Schools and EFL-schools around the globe. The synopses are written by preschool parent, life coach, and founder of Float Seattle, Sean McCormick. We encourage you to read these blog posts so you can familiarize yourself with the ideas that have inspired EFL educators and students alike for over forty-five years.

Kriyananda’s approach to education was simple: like his spirituality he wanted education to be practical, intuitive, and sincere. He was not content with theory but desired tangible results. But these results are not simply high test scores or high grades but noticeable improvement in a child’s behavior and the development of qualities and useful life skills.

The subtitle of the seminal book is “Preparing Children to Meet Life’s Challenges”. We don’t have to look far to see the crises that are steadily rocking our world. And while Kriyananda no doubt envisioned empowering generations to face these challenges head-on, he also realized that such change can only be accomplished by those who have a strong inner sense of self: individuals who maintain an equilibrium of calmness, joy, and confidence. These are the qualities we hope to awaken in children who study at the Living Wisdom School!

Joy to you!

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