The Top 5 Reasons Why We Chose LWS for Preschool


By Sean McCormick, life coach, founder of Float Seattle, and LWS parent

Hey reader, if you’re reading this you’re thinking about enrolling your kid at Living Wisdom School and if you’re like me and my wife, you’re picky. My name is Sean McCormick, nice to meet you! 

There are a million options when it comes to private preschools I know: Living Wisdom, Montessori, Waldorf schools, Outdoor Schools, Co-ops – all with varying approaches. But let me lay out why we chose, and why we are VERY happy with our choice to enroll our 4.5 year old son – Reza (Re-zuh) at Living Wisdom School. 


  • Small Class Sizes: During our research and tours of private preschools we saw as many as 16-24 toddlers per classroom typically with 1 teacher and 1 assistant. Mind-boggling! It’s  challenging enough to give fully present, adequate attention to our 4 and 1-year-old. I can’t fathom 8-10 of them by myself. At Living Wisdom School my son’s class room is some where in the range of 3-4 toddlers per adult.


  •  They teach meditation: As a meditator myself, I know firsthand how effective it is for mental balance.   But even if you’re not a meditator you know how powerful it would be for your child to learn a mindfulness practice, where they can calm themselves and become focused on their own. Imagine a scene like we’ve experienced at home where he gets upset at something (as 4 year olds do) but quickly remembers to breath, release the tension in his mind/body and allow us to help resolve the problem calmly. LWS is helping him develop that calm center.



  • They have him doing yoga: Yeah…at 4…yoga. Yoga is just great overall. I know my little guy is going to have plenty of opportunities to play team sports, but an individual yoga practice is something that he will have for life. Yoga as an important part of preschool learning…yeah, I can get behind that. 


  • The faculty are awesome: They are a group of some of the warmest, most authentic people you will meet. They’re involved with Living Wisdom School because they care deeply about developing dynamic little people. I honestly don’t know how they remain so bubbly and patient day-in and day-out with toddlers. But, it extends to the whole school as well. The entire school is small, but every adult in that building is supportive of one another and of the overall goal of developing life-long learners and well-rounded, curious peaceful, people.



  • They’re teaching students to think and feel for themselves: Our children are going to be exposed to so much in their formative childhood! More than any of us ever were. Even if you restrict screen time like we do, even if you limit exposure to media like we do, they are still going to be influenced greatly by our culture. But at LWS, they are developing critical thinking, critical feeling and self-development that is going to help massively in the long-run. 


There are other reasons too, but these are the TOP 5. If you’re interested in learning more, email William Breckenridge – LWS Assistant Director – – or email me personally and I can share more about our experience – 



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