Seattle Living Wisdom School Newsletter | Winter 2017
LWS students get ready for their performance at East West Bookshop
Sharing the inspiring words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi
Inspiration from the Classrooms
In 2009, President Barack Obama encouraged citizens to give back to their communities as a day of service to honor Martin Luther King Day. LWS students in the 5th-8th grade did just that – participating in a program at East West Bookshop that honored both MLK and Mahatma Gandhi. The students recited powerful quotes and told the stories of these inspiring leaders who encouraged us to have a voice against racial, religious, and economic injustice. The message was clear: Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”MLK
The joy of service in the Primary Class
Trip to the Fairy Forest on our new bus!
The Primary Class has been reflecting on the wisdom and inspiration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and brainstorming how to make a difference in the world. LWS had a day of service on Dr. King’s birthday and the students wanted to take some action! We made care packages for the homeless, and dog treats and cat toys for the animals at PAWS. They were also cleaning fairies, and secretly cleaned other classrooms while the students were away! The students’ great big hearts and generosity are inspiring!
Photo of Pre-K/Kindergarden at their New Year’s Celebration

The Pre-K/Kindergarten Classbegan the New Year with a celebration! We started with a story about queens, knights, kings and royal animals that were destined for new land. We traveled to the Quiet Kingdom, the Land of Light, and the Melodic Forest. Each child crafted their own mystical boat, which floated to one of the kingdoms where they were given a New Year affirmation to guide their journey through the year.
Celebrations such as this help inspire children with a sense of life’s wonder, sacredness and beauty.
Joy is part of the curriculum in Miss Jennifer’s preschool class!
Meet Jennifer Tal
Though preschool teacher Jennifer is new to us, she has years of experience helping preschoolers flourish and grow. Jennifer has already won the hearts of her students and the staff with her creativity, enthusiasm and skillful guidance!

Jennifer’s class has been busy making new friends and learning many new things. First they looked at the world around them and considered: How do we know it is Winter? Then they learned from Frog Toad how to be a good friend. This month they have been exploring the senses, starting with the eyes. One of their recent projects involved making their own kaleidoscope!

Kaleidoscope fun!

We are enrolling now. Call (425) 772-9862 for a tour!

Experiential Science with Buddy Wilson
Using the Light Spectroscope
Recently, in their weekly lab with Science Specialist Buddy Wilson, the Middle School class studied light spectrums using a Spectroscope. The students learned that we only see 1.5% of the electromagnetic spectrum and from this limited amount of information, we create our visual perception of the world.

At Math & Science Night each one spoke publicly about the results of their individual research projects: Reflecting and Refracting Light, G-Force, Spectrums, Stress and the Body, Ink, Hovercrafts and more. The projects were intriguing and their poise was impressive!

A Note from Susan
As I was thinking of what to write for this newsletter, I received a weekly inspirational email from Devi Novak, who with her husband Jyotish, are spiritual directors of Ananda Worldwide:

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, founder of the world-renowned Suzuki School of Music Education, was a humanitarian as well as a pioneer in musical training for children. In his book, Nurtured by Love, Dr. Suzuki shares a story that has relevance for us today.

He, his wife, and their two small children were living in Matsumoto, Japan in the painful, chaotic period following the end of World War II. Dr. Suzuki was a violinist and music teacher, and though Japan was in a state of economic and social upheaval, his family was able to maintain a simple, refined way of life.

Learning that one of his prewar students was now a homeless war orphan, Dr. Suzuki and his wife brought this young boy into their home. After some weeks of trying to work with him, Mrs. Suzuki felt that the situation was hopeless and said to her husband, I am sorry, but I cannot handle this boy he has no manners and no sense of obedience. He is disrupting the harmony of our home.

Dr. Suzuki replied, You are right. He has lost all discipline and refinement, so we must all be even more disciplined in our behavior. Eventually, surrounded by love and courtesy, the little orphan assimilated the vibrations of the Suzuki home and became an integral part of the family.

What can we learn from this story? We, too, are living in chaotic times, in which truth, compassion, and selflessness are being superseded by lies, callousness, self-interest, and greed. In order to counter those values we reject, we need to try even harder to express those that we cherish.

At Living Wisdom School, that is one of our goals to cultivate higher values and give our students the understanding and the experience that life is most happily lived when we include the happiness of others as part of our own, when we expand our awareness to include their realities, when we get in touch with our own calm, loving center and relate to others from that perspective.

Susan McGinnis

Co-Director of Living Wisdom School

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